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A colorless liquid obtained by the dry distillation of tolu and other resinous bodies, and also derived from coal tar; its physical and chemical properties resemble those of benzene. Used in explosives and dyes, and as a solvent in the extraction of various principles from plants.
Synonym(s): methylbenzene, toluol
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(b) 1, Isobutane; 2, neopentane; 3, isopentane; 4, methyl cyclopentane; 5, cyclohexane; 6, 2-methylpentane; 7, 3-methylpentane; 8, 2,2/3,3-dimethyl pentane; 9, methyl cyclohexane; 10, 2/3- methylhexane +2,3-dimethyl pentane; 11, methylbenzene; 12, ethylbenzene; 13, p-xylene; 14, o-xylene.
Compound (8) 1,2-bis(benzoxazolyl)-4 methylbenzene: Yield: 77%; Anal.
Compound (20) 1,2-bis(benzimidazolyl)-4- methylbenzene: Yield: 72%; Anal.
Effect of substituent position on the activities of 1, 2-bis-benzoxazolylbenzene (41, 42), 1, 2-bisbenzoxazolyl-4 methylbenzene (44, 45), 1,2-bis-benzoxazolyl-4-chlorobenzene (47, 48), 1,2-bis-benzoxazolyl-4bromobenzene (50, 51) and 2,6-bis-benzoxazolylpyridine (66, 67) vanadium complexes.
Figure 5 shows the real-time gas-sensing curves of the ZnO nanostructures-based sensor to diethyl ether, methylbenzene, and ethanol.
It shows that the responses to ethanol are the highest one compared to methylbenzene and diethyl ether.
For example, at a gas concentration of 100 ppm, the responses to ethanol, methylbenzene, and diethyl ether are about 27,21, and 11, respectively.
In particular, the response times to diethyl ether and methylbenzene are less than 10 seconds, while the recovery times are about 30 to 50 seconds to ethanol, exhibiting a potential for fast gas detection.
In summary, a porous snowflake-shaped ZnO nanostructure was presented for gas-sensing detection of VOCs including diethyl ether, methylbenzene, and ethanol.
Finally, the acrylates resin was removed in methylbenzene solution, leaving the template slice to be embedded in epoxy resin for subsequent operation.
5b after removing PS by immersing the sample in the methylbenzene solution.
Methylbenzene as water-carrying agent and p-toluenesulfonic acid as a catalyst were added.