methylated spirit

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de·na·tured al·co·hol

ethyl alcohol rendered unfit for consumption as a beverage by the addition of one or several chemicals for commercial purposes (for example, methanol, aldehol, sucrose octa-acetate).
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After cleaning your window with methylated spirits, cut your strips of instant lead.
Oh, and how to ignite methylated spirits safely before cooking something edible.
"The chemicals included methylated spirit and diesel, and they can cause problems in water courses and in the surface water drainage system.
So we're on edge, making sure the own label food is well hidden and that the methylated spirit is replaced by light, amusing Riojas.
- Frankie Mahler, Swindon EQUAL parts of methylated spirit and warm water applied on a squeezed-out pad of cotton wool will remove discolouration on ivory piano keys.
"I am fairly sure that Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, would rather flambe his eyelids in methylated spirit than be married to me"
The product has been found in one-litre bottles which do not have any Lot Codes and are thought to contain diluted methylated spirit. The genuine product comes in a different-shaped bottle and bears a Lot Code.
* Do not use petrol, paraffin, methylated spirit or lighter fuel to light your barbecue.
You filled it with methylated spirit and lit a pilot light at the side.
EQUAL parts of methylated spirit and warm water applied on a pad of cotton wool will help to remove discoloration on ivory piano keys.
The woman was covered in methylated spirit and set on fire during an incident at her home in Southend, Essex, on Monday at around 10.30pm.