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"Besides Mobile, Evonik also produces sodium methylate in Germany and Argentina.
Elias and colleagues are looking for other microbes able to methylate mercury and are developing a universal model to further explain where this process happens-and ways to minimize risk to humans and animals.
The earth's active layers thaw and freeze with the changing of the seasons, allowing more bacteria--some with the potential to methylate the deposited mercury--to wake up.
Study authors agree that risk management is needed from an environmental standpoint, but there is some good news: mercury deposited most recently is more available to bacteria to methylate, so controlling new sources of mercury released into the ecosystem is a good first step to curbing the problem.
We are proud that our Mobile facility has the unique advantages of integrated utilities, excellent logistical access, on-site engineering and a highly trained and dedicated workforce, said Mark Hanlon, sodium methylate plant manager.
Although these data suggest that AS3MT plays a critical role in arsenic methylation and toxicity, a recent study showed that As3mt-knockout mice retain some ability to methylate arsenicals, suggesting the existence of other methyltransferases that could be involved in alternative arsenic metabolism pathways (Drobna et al.
In this study, we found that N6AMT1 has the capacity to methylate [MMA.sup.III] to DMA.
The liver is considered a major site of arsenic methylation, although other tissues also have the capacity to methylate arsenic (Vahter 2002).
The primary site of methylation is liver, but other organs such as kidney or testes may also methylate As(III) (Healy et al.
Later, they attempted to methylate, then cleave, the DNA in the cells, and looked for evidence of DNA subunits.
(2) The body methylates dopamine, dopa, 5-hydroxytryptophan, tyrosine, and other biochemicals as a temporary measure to prevent tissue damage.
(1,3) To decrease serotonin production, the body methylates 5-hydroxytryptophan to bufotenine, a psychoactive chemical.