methyl violet

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1. the color produced by the shortest waves of the visible spectrum, beyond indigo, approximately 380 to 420 nm.
2. a dye or stain with this color.
crystal violet (gentian violet) (methyl violet) gentian violet; see under gentian.
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meth·yl vi·o·let

(meth'il vī'ō-let), [C.I. 42535]
Mixtures of tetra-, penta-, or pararosanilin that vary in shade of violet depending on the extent of methylation (designated R for reddish shades, B for bluish shades); the hexamethyl compound is known as crystal violet, the pentamenthyl compound as methyl violet 6B. methyl violet stains have many bacteriologic, histologic, and cytologic applications.
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methyl violet

A stain used in histology and bacteriology.
See also: methyl
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The influences of the solution pH on basic orange and methyl violet dyes removal % by CNTs are shown in Figures 9(a) and 9(b), respectively.
It can be seen that the basic orange and methyl violet dyes removal efficiencies increase with increasing pH in pH range of 3.0-8.5.
The removal % of basic orange dye increases from 55, 47, 37.7, and 32.6 to 74, 70, 66.3, and 65.7 for dye concentration 5,10,20, and 30 ppm, respectively, with the increase in pH from 3 to 8.5, while the removal % of methyl violet dye increases from 16.83 to 50 for dye concentration of 30 ppm with the increase in pH from 3 to 8.5.
Similar kind of trendlines was also observed for adsorption of methyl violet dye.
Similar type of isotherms was also obtained for methyl violet dye.
Methyl violet dye was also observed to show similar fitting (not shown).
As can be seen in Figure 4, the degradation rate decreased with increase of initial concentration of methyl violet. This might be due to the excessive adsorption of the methyl violet molecules on the surface of catalyst at higher concentration.
Therefore, the effect of pH on the degradation of methyl violet was studied at pH range from 3.5 to 7.5.
The kinetics of photocatalytic degradation of methyl violet was also studied under optimized conditions.
Also, sunlight excites the methyl violet dye molecules (M[V.sup.0] to M[V.sup.+]).
Influence of Parameters on the Photocatalytic Decolorization of Methyl Violet
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