methyl alcohol

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1. any organic compound containing the hydroxy (-OH) functional group except those in which the OH group is attached to an aromatic ring, which are called phenols. Alcohols are classified as primary, secondary, or tertiary according to whether the carbon atom to which the OH group is attached is bonded to one, two, or three other carbon atoms and as monohydric, dihydric, or trihydric according to whether they contain one, two, or three OH groups; the latter two are called diols and triols, respectively.
2. an official preparation of ethanol, used as a disinfectant, solvent, and preservative, and applied topically as a rubbing compound, disinfectant, astringent, hemostatic, and coolant.
absolute alcohol dehydrated a.
benzyl alcohol a colorless liquid used as a bacteriostatic in solutions for injection and as a topical local anesthetic.
dehydrated alcohol an extremely hygroscopic, transparent, colorless, volatile liquid used as a solvent and injected into nerves and ganglia for relief of pain. Called also absolute a.
denatured alcohol ethanol made unfit for human consumption by the addition of substances known as denaturants. Although it should never be taken internally, denatured alcohol is widely used on the skin as a disinfectant.
ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol) ethanol.
isopropyl alcohol a transparent, volatile colorless liquid used as a solvent and disinfectant and applied topically as an antiseptic; called also isopropanol. Diluted with water to approximately 70 per cent strength, it is called isopropyl rubbing alcohol and is used as a rubbing compound.
methyl alcohol methanol.
pantothenyl alcohol dexpanthenol.
phenethyl alcohol (phenylethyl alcohol) a colorless liquid used as an antimicrobial agent in pharmaceuticals.
rubbing alcohol a preparation of acetone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and ethanol, used as a rubefacient.
wood alcohol methanol.

meth·yl al·co·hol

CH3OH; a flammable, toxic, mobile liquid, used as an industrial solvent, antifreeze, and in chemical manufacture; ingestion may result in severe acidosis, visual impairment, and other effects on the central nervous system.


A polar alcohol used as an industrial solvent; it is miscible with water, ethanol, ether, and petroleum derivatives (e.g., gasoline), and can be found in canned fuel and in antifreeze, from which it may be abused as an inebriant by indigent alcoholics. Methanol is metabolised to formaldehyde and formate, causing severe metabolic acidosis, optic nerve damage and blindness.
Toxic range
60–250 ml; as little as 15 ml can be fatal.

Overload patient with ethanol, which competes with methanol for sites on alcohol dehydrogenase, reducing methanol metabolites and toxicity.

meth·yl al·co·hol

(meth'il al'kŏ-hol)
A flammable, toxic, mobile liquid, used as an industrial solvent and antifreeze, and in the manufacture of chemicals; ingestion may result in severe acidosis, visual impairment, and other effects on the central nervous system.
Synonym(s): methanol.

meth·yl al·co·hol

(meth'il al'kŏ-hol)
Flammable toxic liquid, used as an industrial solvent, antifreeze, and in chemical manufacture; ingestion may result in severe acidosis and other effects on the central nervous system.
Synonym(s): methanol.
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Therefore, kneading states such as those of the 10% and 20% methyl alcohol mixtures, which are unable to withstand shocks, are unsuitable, because they are pulverized when the wall material is applied or during drying.
The process produces in case of methyl alcohol, a range of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) which comprises the biodiesel.
In animal studies, cell damage due to methyl alcohol intoxication has been shown in the white matter of the brain and in the optic nerve axons at the optic disc level.
Methyl alcohol, isolated and without ethyl alcohol (both occur naturally in most protein foods), breaks down into formaldehyde, another toxin.
Using experience gained from its wartime aero engines, Mercedes built the first successful Grand Prix car to have fuel injection and ran it on a unique fuel mix containing 45 per cent benzol, 25 per cent methyl alcohol, 25 per cent high octane petrol, three per cent acetone and two per cent nitro-benzine.
KOH mixed with methyl alcohol to produce the methoxide.
There were 11 victims dying this month in Turkey from drinking methyl alcohol laced bootleg liquor, mostly fake brands of the traditional aniseed drink raki.
The illegal batch of alcohol, which is much cheaper than legal alcohol, may have been laced with methyl alcohol or pesticides.
Joyce had the health care knowledge to do the research and find the most probable causes, including multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) brought on by the numerous untested vaccinations, depleted uranium dust, poison gas used by the Iraqi and American forces, aspartame (NutraSweet[R]) dissociating in the extreme desert heat into formaldehyde and methyl alcohol (the kind that makes you blind), etc.
The production of biodiesel from a typical vegetable oil can be conducted by reaction of the oil with methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) in the presence of potassium hydroxide at approximately 60 degrees Celsius for about three hours.
When I now open a container I add a kerosene additive from American Wick (1-800-USA-WICK) that disperses water It contains methyl alcohol, which is used in some gasoline additives to dry out your gasoline in winter.
The recent deaths in Turkey due to bootleg liquor laced with lethal doses of methyl alcohol show all to clearly the lengths to which counterfeiters will go to exact their illgotten gains.