methanesulfonic acid

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meth·ane·sul·fon·ic acid

A liquid soluble in water, alcohol, and ether used as a reaction catalyst.
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The transmittance of the samples without (black line) and with (blue line) treatment by methanesulfonic acid solution was observed.
In Figure 3(b), Raman spectroscopy under 532 nm green light laser excitation provided the results correlated to the effect of acid on PEDOT chain with and without methanesulfonic acid treatment.
The increase in separation of anodic and cathodic peaks implied that the electron self-exchange in polymer films as a result of acid-induce behavior [30], whereas redox process (reduction and oxidation) can be indicated in the potential range of CV characterization after the methanesulfonic acid treatment.
Electrical conductivity of PEDOT:PSS nanofilms can be enhanced with methanesulfonic acid treatment by only onetime convective deposition coating method.
However, for PANI-OH doped methanesulfonic acid sample [[sigma].sub.dc] is 1.18 x [10.sup.-8]S/cm which is less than other doped samples by nearly one order of magnitude.
The flask contents were stirred at room temperature and then 75 mL of the mixture of phosphorus oxide and methanesulfonic acid (1:10 by weight) was added dropwise.