metered spray

me·ter·ed spray

(mē'tĕrd sprā)
Method for dispensing topical anesthetic that administers a fixed volume of drug and then stops automatically.
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Azelastine HC1 metered spray, marketed as Astelin by Wallace Laboratories Inc., is the first second-generation antihistamine approved for this indication.
Metered spray devices containing alpha.sub.2.-interferon or a placebo were supplied to 97 Australian families and 60 American families, with instructions to use them once a day for a week at the first sign of a cold in any family member.
boxed glass bottle that contains 120 metered sprays.
The Zolpimist product contains 60 metered sprays and is said to provide the flexibility of administering either a 5 mg or 10 mg dose of the zolpidem active ingredient.
The Zolpimist Oral Spray unit contains 60 metered sprays and provides the flexibility of administering a dose of either 5 mg or 10 mg of the zolpidem active ingredient.
The small version of lube shot is non pressurized and is said to be good for over 200 metered sprays. The large 8 ounce version is pressurized, and using the supplied spray tube will do a fine job of rinsing out a fouled action.
Each can's 3,800 metered sprays may be released manually, or automatically by Nilodor's Aerosol Dispenser or a similar dispensing cabinet.