metered dose inhaler

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1. an apparatus for administering vapor or volatilized medications by inhalation.
2. ventilator.
metered dose inhaler an inhaler used to deliver aerosolized medications in fixed doses to patients with respiratory disease.
Metered dose inhaler with a barrel device. From Lammon et al., 1995.

metered dose inhaler (MDI)

a device designed to deliver a measured dose of an inhaled drug. It usually consists of a canister of aerosol spray, mist, or fine powder that releases a specific dose each time it is pushed against a dispensing valve. The device is intended to reduce the risk of overmedication by the patient.
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Metered dose inhaler
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Pretreatment values of forced expiratory volume in 1 second varied between 61-74%, 60-77%, 62-75% and 58-77% before giving budesonide by nebulizer (week-2), metered dose inhaler (week-3), metered dose inhaler with spacer (week-4) and dry powder inhaler (week-5) respectively.
Inappropriate techniques used by internal medicine residents with three kinds of inhalers (a metered dose inhaler, Diskus, and Turbuhaler): changes after a single teaching session.
One hundred patients were enrolled, based on the following inclusion and exclusion criteria; Male patients between the age of 15-60 year, having asthma or COPD using pressurized metered dose inhalers on regular basis were included in the study.