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1. Of uncertain stability; in a condition to pass into another phase when slightly disturbed, for example, water, when cooled below the freezing point may remain liquid but will immediately congeal if a piece of ice is added.
2. Denoting the excited condition of the nucleus of a radionuclide isomer that reaches a lower energy state by the process of isomeric transition decay without changing its atomic number or weight; for example, 99m43Tc → 9943Tc + γ.
[meta- + L. stabilis, stable]
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Metastability: Although stable instability may seem like an oxymoron, individuals are often in a state of flux, which allows them to transfer smoothly from relatively stable to relatively unstable conditions (change from stance to flight phase during running).
The large domain of metastability between the two equilibrium curves excludes the possibility of spontaneous precipitation occurring after a treatment making water slightly scaling regarding calcite.
This is done using transfer operators and a spectral approach to metastability. The text covers how to construct MSMs using these tools, and also how to use the resulting models to obtain information about transition pathways.
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The implementation of a faulty clock domain crossing (CDC) interface can cause metastability propagation downstream, resulting in functional errors.
The regularization is only ever provisional, the stability only ever a "metastability." Differences we identify as class differences (expressing the effects of unequal distribution) are continually produced by the capitalist process-emphasis on "continually." The capitalist process is continually in the process of refiguring itself, as it navigates the complexity of its stochastically-challenged open-field of operation.