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Pertaining to metaplasia or metaplasis.
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Pertaining to metaplasia or metaplasis.
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(met?a-pla'zh(e-)a) [ meta- + -plasia]
Conversion of one kind of tissue into a form that is not normal for that tissue. metaplastic (-plas'tik), adjective

myeloid metaplasia

Extramedullary hematopoiesis.
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investigated structural changes of the rabbit ear during wound healing after the removal of skin only or in combination with cartilage, concluding that metaplastic bone formation was detected in all the samples of both groups (8).
Thus, we interpret this appearance of PIM as a variant of LSIL that had originated from HPV-infected immature squamous metaplastic cells at or proximal to the squamocolumnar junction.
Metaplastic changes in the epithelium of radicular cysts: A series of 711 cases.
DCE-MRI is a good imaging modality for depicting tumor characteristics and tumor angiogenesis because the contrast enhancement pattern of the tumor correlates with the microvessel density of tumor angiogenesis.[3] In this case, the DCE-MRI of metaplastic breast carcinoma revealed rim enhancement, which was significantly associated with high histologic grade and tumor angiogenesis, and might represent a noninvasive method for preoperative prediction of the biologic aggressiveness of breast cancer.
Normal esophageal mucosa from surgical specimen and columnar metaplastic samples in the esophageal remnant after esophagectomy were subject to IHC for Notch1 and Hes1.
(2) Metaplastic theory: According to this theory of histogenesis, development from the pluripotent mesenchymal cells is presumed either de novo or stimulated by some type of trauma, irritation, or chronic inflammation.
In the case of AK, transformation into squamous cell carcinoma follows the 3 stages of photocarcinogenesis: initiation, that is, UV-light exposure, promotion (clonal expansion of metaplastic cells), and conversion through further genetic mutations into squamous cell carcinoma [4].
SCMC is often positive for basal cytokeratins and hence the importance of including basal markers such as p63, CK5, and CK14 in the panel if the diagnosis of metaplastic carcinoma is considered [5, 14].
One of the main characteristics of this lesion is the partial rim of metaplastic woven bone surrounding the tumor (3).
More than 90% of TNBCs exhibit an invasive ductal, no special type histology, while others may show metaplastic elements and medullary/atypical medullary features.
These rare breast lesions are fibromatosis, idiopathic granulomatous mastitis, tubular adenoma, diabetic mastopathy, invasive micropapillary carcinoma, osteoclastic giant cell breast carcinoma, malignant phyllodes tumor, carcinoma arising in fibroadenoma, metastasis, and metaplastic carcinoma.
2- Carcinoma of the metaplastic squamous epithelium in the gastric mucosa