, metaphyseal (met'ă-fiz'ē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation metaphysi'al.
Relating to a metaphysis.
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(13.) Metaphysial, VII, 7, 1032b 1-6: [phrase omitted].
The metaphysial canal flare indices were the ratio of intracortical widths at the proximal extremity to at the distal extremity of lesser trochanter.
These include metaphysial or epiphysial fractures (bucket handle or corner fractures), posterior rib fractures, multiple or complex skull fractures and fractures for which no medical attention has been sought (10).
INDICATION: In bone defect created by comminuted fracture of long bone of lower limb, metaphysial fracture of femur, diaphysial fracture of femur, metaphysio diaphysial fracture of femur, metaphysial fracture of tibia, metaphysio diaphysial fracture Tibia and diaphysial fracture of tibia.
Next, 'Kripke on Epistemic and Metaphysial Possibility' by Scott Soames distinguishes two lines of argument for necessary a posteriori truths in Kripke's work--i.e., the essentialist route (e.g., 'heat is the motion of molecules'), and the informative identity statement route (e.g., 'Hesperus is Phosphorus').
La metaphysial generalis (ontologia) se completa, pues, con una metaphysica specialis (teologia).
DISCUSSION: Pyle's metaphysical dysplasia have a peculiar radiological findings due to defect in metaphysial remodeling which leads to grossly widened metaphysis of long bones with cortical thinning and osteopenia (Erlenmeyer Flask deformity) (5,6,7) especially in distal femur, proximal tibia, distal radius & ulna, proximal humerus, medial end of clavicle & sternal end of the ribs.
Su texto propone valerse de Aristoteles como un modelo y fuente de inspiracion, ya que este pensador alcanza la metafisica desde su interes especulativo por lo fisico, de alli "la llamativa continuidad de su obra cuando se la lee por si misma, continuidad que resulta paradigmatica si se relacionan los tramos finales de la Physica con los temas mas propiamente teologicos de la Metaphysial" (p.
En las universidades, efectivamente, junto a las lecciones del organicus, en las cuales se estudiaba los libros del Organon, y las del philosophas naturalis y del metaphysial, el estudio de la filosofia comprendia tambien las lecciones del ethicus, es decir, el estudio de la Etica y la Politica-, mas tarde se agrego tambien el estudio de la economia y la crematistica.