bone modelling

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The process of bone formation by osteoblasts and osteoclastic resorption, which ends with bone maturation.
A normal process of personality development, in which a child learns appropriate social and cognitive behaviours by imitating a socially accepted significant other (the model); these behaviours are positively reinforced and eventually integrated into the child’s personality profile.

The simulation of an experiment based on hypothetical conditions, considered by some to be a “third form of science” (in addition to theory and experimentation). Modelling is used in neural networks, molecular dynamics, cell membrane interactions and in biosphere analysis. It allows examination of a problem and testing of highly complex hypothetical solutions thereto, performing only experiments with a high probability of success (based on predictions).
Suicidal behaviour or completion in response of a person close to the suicide completer.

Theoretical medicine
The use of mathematical models to simulate environmental movements of radionuclides and chemicals released from a radioactive facility’s stacks, and how these materials disperse as they move with the wind, deposit on crops, are inhaled or ingested, and to determine the resulting doses. Some models are complex, requiring information such as weather conditions, crops, eating habits, etc.; others are relatively simple.
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