metaphosphoric acid

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gla·cial phos·phor·ic ac·id

an anhydride of phosphoric acid used as a reagent and in the manufacture of zinc oxyphosphate cement for dentistry.
Synonym(s): metaphosphoric acid
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In order to measure whole blood glutathione after drawing a blood sample, 500 [micro]L of whole blood was immediately transferred into a tube containing metaphosphoric acid. The solution was mixed and centrifuged (4000 rpm, 4[degrees]C, 10 minutes), the supernatant was collected.
Cerebral tissues were homogenized in ice-cold phosphate buffer and then were added to an equal volume of 10% metaphosphoric acid. The tubes were centrifuged at low speed (2000g) for 10min at 0 [degrees]C.
Dry ground tissue samples (200 mg) were suspended in 5.0 mL of a solution containing metaphosphoric acid and acetic acid and shaken at 30[degrees]C for 1 h.
A 3 ml aliquot of plasma was then stabilized by mixing to 4.5 ml cold aqueous 3% metaphosphoric acid (MPA) solution.
Following incubation for 24 h at 37[degrees]C, the cells were pelleted by low speed centrifugation, resuspended in 5% metaphosphoric acid (MPA), and centrifuged at 3,000 X g for 10 mm at 4[degrees]C.
After ultrasonication, we mixed 0.75 mL cell homogenate with 0.2 mL 25% metaphosphoric acid to precipitate the proteins.
10 mL of 3% metaphosphoric acid was then added to it and kept in an incubator shaker for 30 min at 120 rpm and 30[degrees] C.
[27]; 40 [micro]L of total blood plus 760 [micro]L of water was added to 1200 [micro]L of protein precipitant reactive (1.67 g metaphosphoric acid, 0.2 g EDTA, and 30 g NaCl in a final volume of 100 mL of distilled water); then the mixture was centrifuged at 3500 rpm for 10 min.
Aliquots of samples were mixed with 20% metaphosphoric acid (0.25 N HPO3), centrifuged at 7000 x g, and stored at -20C for subsequent analysis of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).
To measure the activity of glutathione peroxidase, the homogenate was incubated with Gpx buffer (100 mM potassium phosphate with 1mM EDTA pH7.7), 40 mM sodium azide, GSH (diluted in 5% metaphosphoric acid), GR (Gpx diluted in buffer), NADPH (diluted with sodium bicarbonate 5%), and 0.5 mM tert-butyl.
Approximately 20 g of the fresh sample or 2 g dried sample products were homogenized in 20ml of 0.8% metaphosphoric acid then centrifuged for 10 minutes at 10,000 revolutions a minute at 4[degrees]C.