metanil yellow

met·a·nil yel·low

(met'ă-nil yel'ō), [C.I. 13065]
A monoazo acid dye, C18H14N3O3SNa, used as a cytoplasmic and connective tissue stain.
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Enhancement of histological detail using metanil yellow as counter stain in Periodic Acid Schiffs hematoxylin staining of glycol methacrylate tissue sections.
INTRODUCTION: Pulses are adulterated with Sand, marble chips, stones, filth, khesari dal or other pulses, Metanil yellow, Soluble coal tar dye.
Isolated bacterial strains were screened out by incubating them on nutrient agar medium containing red (Carmine) green (Light Green) black (Erichrome Black T) and yellow (Metanil Yellow) dyes 200ppm of each.
Metanil Yellow -- a non- permitted food colour -- was commonly used in snacks.
Metanil Yellow (2.91 minutes) and Sulforhodamine B (2.96 minutes) are not baseline-resolved; however, this is not considered a problem because Sulforhodamine B is not commonly used as a dye in black pen ink formulations, but Sulforhodamine B has been observed for ink-jet printer inks analyzed with the same experimental setup.
However, in actual practice, other nonpermitted synthetic dyes like auramine, metanil yellow, lead chromate, rhodamine, sudan-3 and 4, orange-2 and Malachite green, which pose serious health hazards, as they are mutagenic and potential carcinogens, are being used as food colours in the market.
Ovarian tissue was initially fixed in 10% buffered formalin; a section of tissue was then transferred to ethanol, embedded in glycol methacrylate, sectioned along the transverse plane, stained with the periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) reaction, iron-hematoxylin, and counterstained with metanil yellow (Quintero-Hunter et al., 1991).
Gonad samples were prepared for histological examination with a modification of the periodic acid Schiff's (PAS) stain for glycol-methacrylate sections and with Weigert's iron-hematoxylin as a nuclear stain and metanil yellow as a counterstain (Quintero-Hunter et al., 1991).