metanephrogenic blastema

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met·a·neph·ro·gen·ic blas·te·ma

(met'ă-nef'rō-jen'ik blas-tē'mă)
The mesenchyme covering the distal end of the metanephric diverticulum; it gives rise to the nephrons of the permanent kidneys.
Synonym(s): metanephric mass of mesenchyme.
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The inadequate stimulation of metanephrogenic blastema by the ureteric bud results in renal maldevelopment.
The metanephrogenic blastema forms glomeruli, proximal tubules, and distal tubules.
2) There are several theories to explain the occurrence of supernumerary kidney: a) bifurcation of ureteric bud with independent penetration into metanephrogenic blastema that develop and divide in two kidneys; b) two independent ureteral buds that penetrate the metanephrogenic blastema that divides into two and c) fragmentation of metanephrogenic blastema due to linear infarcts.