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1. Relating to or showing metamerism, or occurring in a metamere.
2. Referring to a metamer.
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Relating to or showing metamerism, or occurring in a metamere.
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1. Isomerism.
2. Isomerism consisting of segments or metameres.
metameric (mĕt-ă-mĕr′ĭk), adjective
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The CIE metameric index, (4) MI, is the total color difference between the metameric pair under the test conditions.
Relative spectral power distribution of the first and fifth WLL based on first set of LED metameric to reference DAY and A sources are presented in Fig.
A spectral comparison must always be undertaken because different curves, such as those from metameric samples, can yield similar chromaticity coordinates.
All visible stimuli have a metameric colour (physically different, perceptually identical) produced by the mixture of an equienergetic stimulation (or another reference white) plus a monochromatic stimulus.
The results can be expressed in a choice of colour difference measurements - XYZ tristimulus values, GTE, Whiteness index, Yellowness index, reflectance, metameric index, etc.
Whilst this color can be matched by blending copper phthalocyanine blue and green, the blend will not be as clean and transparent and will further be metameric compared to the single pigmented color.
Metameric color matches are common when different pigments or dyestuffs are used to color the two materials.
The metameric equivalent classes of a trichromat require three degrees of freedom - of a tetrachromat, four degrees.
The ontogenies of all seed plant female gametophytes are determinate, nonmetameric (the sporophytes of seed plants have an indeterminate and metameric architecture), and as a consequence of being the sexual generation of the life cycle, involve the differentiation of gametes.
Following the tradition of Marr, some philosophers have supposed that the biological function of colour vision is the recovery of the spectral reflectances of surfaces, and that the wide content of colour vision is to be identified with the (human) metameric classes of such spectral reflectances.
The hypertrophy is related to the variation of the ratio between elastic fibres and collagen fibres in the most superficial layer of the ligamentum flavum, due to the micro traumatism produced by metameric instability on the ligamentum.
The second type called compensation approach reinserts metameric black spectrum to compensate for the loss of spectral details caused by the colorimetric tristimulus values.