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The researchers used a metalloporphyrin with cobalt at its center.
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From these data, it is unclear whether the primary effect of metalloporphyrin therapy is decreased bilirubin formation or increased photosensitivity of bilirubin resulting in increased excretion.
A myriad of agents and strategies have been employed to prevent or minimise bleomycin toxicity including plant phenolics (13), protein thioredoxin (14), taurine and niacin (15), metalloporphyrin (n16), pen-toxifylline (17), ibuprofen (17) and steroids (19).
The group's primary focus is research into the chemical effects of ultrasound, as well as metalloporphyrin chemistry and a spin-off project aimed at developing an electronic nose sensor.
The structure of a metalloporphyrin consists of large rings with loosely held electrons arranged around a metal ion in the center.
Currently, he also has active research programs in the areas of novel non-separation immunoassay methods, immobilized metalloporphyrin phases for liquid chromatography, and the development and characterization of novel nitric oxide-releasing polymeric materials for biomedical applications.