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The ability to understand, organize, and interpret language (e.g., idioms, homonyms).
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This observation parallels Chen and Myhill (2016), who construe that if teachers are confident in their subject knowledge 'they are likely to enable faster and richer development of metalinguistic understanding', whereas if teachers 'are less secure in their subject knowledge ., learners' metalinguistic development may progress at a different pace and their ability to elaborate, extend or apply that metalinguistic understanding is likely to be hindered' (p.
Analise psicolinguistica e cognitivo-linguistica das provas de habilidades metalinguisticas e leitura realizada em escolares de 2a a 5a serie [Psycholinguistic and cognitive-linguistic analysis of the metalinguistic skills and reading proofs in students from 2nd to 5th grades of elementary education].
"Imagine," Mandelstam writes, "a monument of granite or marble whose symbolic function is intended not to represent a horse or a rider, but to reveal the inner structure of the marble or granite itself" (53) This statement makes it evident that Mandelstam is interested in the metalinguistic or metapoetic quality of Dante's work, a concern that draws Mandelstam closer to both Bakhtin and poststructuralist thinkers, like Derrida.
Together, the metalinguistic, cognitive, integrationalist, usage-based, and pragmatic approaches to language offer, I believe, a basis for understanding literary texts in a way that is consistent with a contextualized cognitive science.
Evidence for the existence of an identitarian ideology, however, is not confined to the realm of metalinguistics. It is also to be found in the analysis of diachronic linguistic change and synchronic linguistic practices.
Four Articles on Metalinguistics. Washington, DC: Foreign Service Institute
That is; the research not only encourages the teachers to blend critical thinking in the transmission of knowledge and contents but they also are motivated to design standardized tests which could measure metalinguistics ability over all language skills.
ERIC Descriptors: Teaching Methods; College Students; Sociolinguistics; Cross Cultural Studies; Foreign Countries; Metalinguistics; Gender Differences; Self Concept; Computer Simulation; Intercultural Communication; Second Language Learning; Second Language Instruction; Computer Assisted Instruction
Four Articles on Metalinguistics. Washington: Foreign Service Institute.
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By referring to these and other aspects of text before, during, and after read-alouds, the teachers helped their children, including those with special literacy needs, to increase their interest in print, their awareness of metalinguistics, and their development of alphabetic knowledge, print concepts, and concept of word (Justice & Ezell, 2002, 2004; Lane & Wright, 2007).