metachromatic granules

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met·a·chro·mat·ic gran·ules

1. granules that stain a color different from that of the dye used;
See also: metachromasia.
2. term sometimes used as a synonym for volutin.
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While on Albert stain club shaped rods containing metachromatic granules were found.
4B): (1) the cuboidal cells with round nuclei on the lateral side of the skeletal rod; (2) the ciliated tall columnar cells in the distal end of the filament; (3) the small columnar cells with dense granules and microvilli; (4) the mucus cells with large basophilic or small metachromatic granules in the efferent filament.
Gram-stained smears showed a large number of gram-positive bacilli with the appearance of Chinese letters, and Albert stain showed bacilli with numerous metachromatic granules. A diagnosis of faucial diphtheria, with a strong possibility of laryngeal diphtheria, was made.
Fine needle aspiration biopsy revealed round tumor cells with cytoplasmic metachromatic granules (Fig.
Additionally, metachromatic granules were also seen in Albert's staining.