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The larval stages of a tapeworm, including the metamorphosis of the oncosphere to the first evidence of sexuality in the adult worm, differentiation of the scolex, and beginning of proglottid formation; it includes the procercoid and plerocercoid stages of pseudophyllid cestodes, and the cysticercus, cysticercoid, coenurus, and hydatid stages of cyclophyllidean cestodes.
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(18.6%), followed by Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) inopinatus (12.50%) and metacestodes of Monticellia spinulifera (57.69%); Dadaytrema oxycephala was the species that showed the highest mean intensity (Table 1).
In a murine model of Taenia crassiceps infection, TH1 response has been referred as a generator of a non-permissive environment for the development of metacestodes (Terrazas et al., 1999).
Anti-Taenia solium metacestode IgG antibodies in serum samples from inhabitants of a Central-Western region of Brazil.
Primary echinococcosis can be found in any organ; secondary echinococcosis may happen because of the spread of metacestodes from the primary site [1].
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corti metacestodes suggested a protective role of type 2 immune responses, with [Il4.sup.-/-] or [Stat6.sup.-/-] mice being highly susceptible and dying after infection [107, 108].
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Echinococcus multilocularis alkaline phosphatase as a marker for metacestode damage induced by in vitro drug treatment with albendazole sulfoxide and albendazole sulfone.
Hydatidosis (hydatid disease) is the disease caused by metacestode stage of Echinococcus genus.
Cysticercus tenuicollis is a bubble-like metacestode of Taenia hydatigena that invades the abdominal cavity and liver of pigs, dogs, and other carnivores [1-3].