metacarpophalangeal joints

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met·a·car·po·pha·lan·ge·al joints

the condylar or ellipsoid synovial joints between the heads of the metacarpals and the bases of the proximal phalanges. The palmar aspects of the metacarpal heads are partially divided, so the joint is nearly bicondylar.
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The comparison of efficacy of different imaging techniques (conventional radiography ultrasonography magnetic resonance) in assessment of wrist joints and metacarpophalangeal joints in patients with psoriatic arthritis.
To assess the effect of treatment on bone loss, the researchers used MRI of the metacarpophalangeal joints of the dominant hand (that is, MCP joints 2-5) at baseline and 3 and 12 months, as well as DXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) images of both hands at baseline and 3, 6, and 12 months (Ann.
The hands in carpo-pedal spasm adopt a characteristic position: metacarpophalangeal joints are flexed and interphalangeal joints of the fingers and thumb are extended and there is an apposition of the thumb and fingers (main'd' accoucheur).
Considering the fact that the EDM causes extension of the interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints, the presence of double tendons to the ring and the little finger may certainly influence the different direction of the pull, at these joints.
Successful manual reduction of locked metacarpophalangeal joints in fingers.
Arthropathy of metacarpophalangeal joints was assessed from clinical and/or radiologic examinations.
Chondrocyte monolayer cultures were derived from the cartilage of bovine metacarpophalangeal joints.
The extrinsic finger muscles cross the wrist, metacarpophalangeal joints, and one or both interphalangeal joints.
The patient presented with intermittent fever and asymmetrical polyarthritis involving the left knee, right elbow, both wrists and the metacarpophalangeal joints.
In subentries, Dorland's defines "radial deviation" as "a hand deformity sometimes seen in rheumatoid arthritis in which the fingers are displaced to the radial side" and it defines "ulna deviation" as "a hand deformity, seen in chronic rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus, in which the swelling of the metacarpophalangeal joints causes the fingers to become displaced to the ulna side.