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pertaining to the metacarpus and phalanges of the fingers.
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met·a·car·po·pha·lan·ge·al (MCP),

Relating to the metacarpus and the phalanges; denoting the articulations between them.
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(MCP) (met'ă-kahr'pō-fă-lan'jē-ăl)
Relating to the metacarpus and the phalanges; denoting the articulations between them.
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Anatomy of the thumb metacarpophalangeal ulnar and radial collateral ligaments.
DM: diabetes mellitus; MCP: metacarpophalangeal. Error bars represent [+ or -]1 SE.
1 4 4 -- -- 2 4 3 -- -- 3 4 4 -- -- 4 3 4 Pain over the YES plate 5 4 3 Wound dehiscence YES and infection 6 3 4 -- -- 7 3 4 Extensor tendon YES adhesion 8 4 4 Fracture YES 9 3 4 -- -- M, male; F, female; y, year; m, month; Stage, Steinbrocker stage; F-U, follow-up; CMJ, carpometacarpal joint; MPJ, metacarpophalangeal joint; IPJ, interphalangeal joint; DIPJ, distal interphalangeal joint; Auto, autograft; Alio, allograft; MC, metacarpal.
Fatal musculoskeletal injuries of the metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal (fetlock) joints in California racehorses: one hundred thirty-nine cases.
This improved model simulates much of the natural anatomy and geometry of a real metacarpophalangeal joint.
The first metacarpal bone osteotomy is carried out when the level of the residual thumb is located in the metacarpophalangeal joint or the base plane of the proximal phalange.
Caption: Figure 1: Diffuse skin thickening and sclerosis of bilateral hands that cross the metacarpophalangeal joint.
RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS patients who underwent silicone metacarpophalangeal joint replacement maintained significant improvement in ulnar drift and extensor lag after 7 years of follow-up in the prospective, multicenter Silicone Arthroplasty in Rheumatoid Arthritis study.
Pain also developed in his wrists and metacarpophalangeal joints of his hand, followed by cervical pain and slight rigidity on the hand's distal and proximal interphalangeal joints.
Channel 1: Accelerometer sensor on the extensor side of the third metacarpophalangeal joint.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a multisystemic, chronic inflammatory disease that afflicts the metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joints.
Agha reviewed recommended administration of calcium hydroxylapatite, which is meant to be injected in bolus fashion midway between the dorsal crease of the wrist and the metacarpophalangeal joints, in a zone between the second and the fifth metacarpal bones.