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to subject to or be transformed by metabolism.
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To undergo the chemical changes of metabolism.
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v. metabo·lized, metabo·lizing, metabo·lizes
To subject (a substance) to metabolism: a drug that cats and dogs metabolize differently.
1. To perform metabolism: observed that the cells had stopped metabolizing.
2. To undergo change by metabolism: a compound that metabolizes in the liver.

me·tab′o·liz′a·ble adj.
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To undergo the chemical changes of metabolism.
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Patient discussion about metabolize

Q. How is it possible to have permanent weight loss if dieting slows down metabolism? well, i know that eating less will have the body adjust to the new calorie intake and thus, no further weight loss. So how is it possible to have permanent weight loss if eating less doesn't work? Please give tips and suggestions, people who have successfully lost weight. thanks so much!

A. That is why you need to cycle every few weeks. Change things up and shock your body because it does plateau. But if you challenge yourself every so often you will see results continuously.

Q. How could one boost metabolism by diet? I am aware for long that metabolism is the cause for poor health and fitness.So how could one boost metabolism by diet?

A. Metabolism, if it is not erroneous genetically; then it can be controlled or increased by any diet. What matters is the timing and regularity you feed yourself which uses your hormones and enzymes in your body to do the task they are for. This timing and regularity depends on eating in same time regularly and working and sleeping too. To excite some hormones even if they had switched off their action in body, can be excited by exercise and feeding with small diets in regular short time intervals. To make all this happen, reduce on junk foods, please.

Q. How does coffee affect a diet? does it have an affect on metabolism? on losing weight?

A. Well, coffee can increase and to accelerate the beginning of burning fat during exercise (usually only after 20-30 minutes of exercise), but the overall effect is not that substantial. YOu should remember that it makes your kidney to produce more urine, so you should drink more.

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Some of the pollutants whose concentrations increased in shrinking fat stores--but none that decreased--are typically metabolized by an enzyme that may be suppressed during hibernation, the researchers found.
Other medications that are metabolized by this isoenzyme include haloperidol, olanzapine, thioridazine, tacrine, amitriptyline, imipramine, clomipramine, warfarin, propranolol, methadone, verapamil, and theophylline.
Because folate is routinely measured in the ongoing NHANES cycles and speciated arsenic measurements have begun in the same samples, the role of one-carbon metabolism should certainly be considered in interpreting results for arsenic and other similarly metabolized chemicals for future editions of the CDC's National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (CDC 2001, 2003b).
If the drugs are metabolized by the same or similar pathways, you can expect some type of interaction," the pharmacologist said.
So instead the researchers concentrated on the compounds that enter the bloodstream after quercetin is ingested, absorbed and metabolized.
When the research team bathed each cell sample in a high-fat broth, the cells metabolized the fat with about the same efficiency as the person who had given them did.
As chlorines are removed by bioremediation, the less-chlorinated products could be more readily metabolized by many species exposed to the bioremediated material.
When arsenic is metabolized, it takes on new chemical identities that vary widely in their toxicity.
The non-Hispanic white volunteers typically metabolized the drug 32 percent more rapidly than the volunteers of other ethnic groups did.
In general, organophosphorus pesticides are metabolized by these routes, and about 75% of the 40 or so organophosphorus pesticides that are registered by the U.S.
Last year, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) considered whether various drugs are metabolized by one or more enzymes that have genetic variants that result in unusually slow breakdown.
CYP2D6 codes for enzymes that metabolize chemicals such as medications that target the central nervous system (including various antidepressants, stimulants, and codeine--all drugs with different chemical structures), drugs of abuse, neurotoxicants, procarcinogens (substances that become carcinogenic only when metabolized into more reactive compounds), and even the body's own neurotransmitters.