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to subject to or be transformed by metabolism.
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To undergo the chemical changes of metabolism.
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v. metabo·lized, metabo·lizing, metabo·lizes
To subject (a substance) to metabolism: a drug that cats and dogs metabolize differently.
1. To perform metabolism: observed that the cells had stopped metabolizing.
2. To undergo change by metabolism: a compound that metabolizes in the liver.

me·tab′o·liz′a·ble adj.
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To undergo the chemical changes of metabolism.
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Patient discussion about metabolize

Q. How is it possible to have permanent weight loss if dieting slows down metabolism? well, i know that eating less will have the body adjust to the new calorie intake and thus, no further weight loss. So how is it possible to have permanent weight loss if eating less doesn't work? Please give tips and suggestions, people who have successfully lost weight. thanks so much!

A. That is why you need to cycle every few weeks. Change things up and shock your body because it does plateau. But if you challenge yourself every so often you will see results continuously.

Q. How could one boost metabolism by diet? I am aware for long that metabolism is the cause for poor health and fitness.So how could one boost metabolism by diet?

A. Metabolism, if it is not erroneous genetically; then it can be controlled or increased by any diet. What matters is the timing and regularity you feed yourself which uses your hormones and enzymes in your body to do the task they are for. This timing and regularity depends on eating in same time regularly and working and sleeping too. To excite some hormones even if they had switched off their action in body, can be excited by exercise and feeding with small diets in regular short time intervals. To make all this happen, reduce on junk foods, please.

Q. How does coffee affect a diet? does it have an affect on metabolism? on losing weight?

A. Well, coffee can increase and to accelerate the beginning of burning fat during exercise (usually only after 20-30 minutes of exercise), but the overall effect is not that substantial. YOu should remember that it makes your kidney to produce more urine, so you should drink more.

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Metabolize and $ave is an alternative to Metabolife International Inc.'s Metabolife 356, which is an herbal dietary supplement that has sold millions of bottles through kiosks at malls nationwide.
In previous experiments, the Massachusetts team stimulated the uranium-converting bacteria at the Rifle site by injecting acetate, which the microbes could metabolize, into the groundwater.
From individuals' responses to the drugs, the scientists calculated whether factors such as race, weight, and sex are associated with how quickly the body metabolizes efavirenz, how effectively the drug suppresses replication of HIV in blood, and how likely a person is to quit using the drug during the first 6 months of treatment.
But the process by which mitochondria metabolize ketones isn't necessarily impaired in the two diseases.
One species, Sulfurospirillum barnesii, can metabolize no fewer than nine types of atoms or ions other than arsenates, including sulfur, nitrates, nitrites, and selenates.
Many organisms keep consuming the available oxygen at a steady rate until there's so little left that they no longer metabolize normally.
Although the enormous variability in people's responses to drugs cannot be attributed solely to their genotype, scientists believe that by understanding the genetic underpinnings of how people absorb and metabolize drugs, they will eventually quantify a great deal of that variability and be able to tailor therapies accordingly in order to optimize treatment and avoid adverse effects.
Using magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers found that people slow to metabolize sugar had smaller hippocampi relative to their head size than the others, the team reports.
These enzymes, which are made in the liver, break down nutrients from food and metabolize up to half of all drugs now in use.
The animals produce this greenhouse gas because some of their stomach microbes metabolize carbon dioxide into methane, which the animals vent to the atmosphere.
Once alcohol has entered your bloodstream, your body will begin to metabolize it at a rate of 20 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) per hour.
In cats, however, there is some question about how well their livers can metabolize prednisone.