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Further qualifications included karate instructor, senior instructor and founder member with the Register of Kettlebell Professionals, metabolic typing adviser, boxercise instructor and corrective exercise specialist using the CHEK institute rehabilitation program.
Our specialist metabolic typing service rates all our fitness clients and from this initial assessment, a bespoke plan is developed -- something which Dubai's sophisticated market demands.
Kristal's Functional Metabolic Typing nutritional system.
He realised it took a combination of three things - tailored nutrition based on metabolic typing, exercise and psychology - for success to strike.
This is possible due to a diet theory called metabolic typing. The idea is that body shape is ruled by particular body glands.
More than 50 nutritionists are getting together for the UK's first conference on metabolic typing.
Metabolic Typing Diet: Find out your metabolic type and eat accordingly.
Metabolic Typing: An approach that appreciates the individuality of nutrition.
This seminar teaches health professionals the theory and practice of Metabolic Typing, a revolutionary nutritional system based on the observation that one of two fundamental homeostatic control mechanisms dominates the metabolism of any given individual.
"HAVE you ever noticed that what works well nutritionally for somebody else doesn't work for you?" As stated by William Wolcott in his book The Metabolic Typing Diet, "one man's food is another man's poison".
How to get in tune: Subsequent articles will cover two specific approaches; Metabolic Typing and BioSignature Modulation.
For Personal Training, metabolic typing and the Biosignature technique please contact Jack Walton on 07792761324, (0191) 240-1287 or