metabolic pathway

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met·a·bol·ic path·way

(met'ă-bol'ik path'wā)
Intercellular chemical reactions; catalyzed by enzymes; include the principal chemical reactions, mostly enzyme-dependent, that an organism needs to maintain homeostasis and to break down or build up molecules.
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metabolic pathway

the sequence of enzyme reactions followed in the formation of one substance from another.
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Metabolic pathway

A sequence of chemical reactions that lead from some precursor to a product, where the product of each step in the series is the starting material for the next step.
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[S.sub.a] and [S.sub.b] were used to validate the percentage of genes in total CADs or a certain metabolic pathway, which could be presented by canonical variables.
To mark the human nonhomologous membrane bound proteins in unique metabolic pathways of C.
The variance-covariance matrices contain the variances and covariances within the groups for the ARGs and metabolic pathway genes, respectively.
Furthermore, the energetic balance for generating equations, followed by their validation, may be an important tool for the analysis of different metabolic pathways. In Biochemistry, aspects such as stoichiometric relations in metabolic pathways may be approached using the results in current research.
However, the metabolic pathway of anaerobic fungi, especially in the presence of methanogens, needs to be further investigated in the cytosol as well as in the hydrogenosome.
Targeted approaches, in contrast, focus on identified and preselected metabolic pathways, which may offer particular advantages in studies on metabolic dysregulation.
He and his coworkers analyzed single-nucleotide polymorphisms in enzymes coded by nine genes prominent in the MTX metabolic pathway. MTX was considered effective in a patient who achieved a psoriasis area severity index (PASI) 75 score.
pathSCOUT 1.0 contains data on metabolic pathways from the well known KEGG* suite of databases which has been optimized by LION for use in the pathSCOUT system.
Each plant has its own unique pattern of deuterium distribution due to geographical factors and its metabolic pathways. Deuterium occurs naturally in water at an average concentration of about 150 ppm, but it is not distributed equally in all parts of the globe.