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Legs pale brown, hindfemur dark brown except base and extreme apex paler, base of fore and midfemora brown, hindtibia with subapical dorsal dark spot, not abutting ventral side; tarsomeres 1-3 with ventral palisade setae in all legs; hindtibial comb with two rows of spines, apical row with 9-10 spines, subapical row with 14-15 spines; prothoracic TR 0.95 (0.78-1.00, n = 20), mesothoracic TR 0.77 (0.70-0.86, n = 19), metathoracic TR 0.71 (0.64-0.79, n = 19); claws curved.
To determine the allozyme phenotype of an individual cricket, a single mesothoracic limb was removed and the femur crushed in 13 [micro]liters Tris Glycine buffer (pH 8.5).
Mesothoracic episternum and epimeron, and metathoracic episternum, light yellow-green, forming a light patch contrasting with the rest of the head and thorax.
There are several characteristics for species identification of anopheline mosquito larvae, for instance tergal plates, palmate hairs and mesothoracic pleural hair.
-- Pronotum elongate, laterally compressed anteriorly, prominent rectangular prosternal plate covering almost entire venter; thoracic nota glabrous; spiracles in pleural region under anterolateral margins of mesothoracic notum.
Pro- and mesothoracic femora robust, but unarmed, completely lacking the dorsal spines characteristic of many species of the genus.
Abdominal tergites are abbreviated in the descriptions with 'T', and sternites are abbreviated with 'S.' The terms prothoracic, mesothoracic, and metathoracic are abbreviated 'pro', 'mes', and 'met', respectively.
Characters supporting the monophyly of Coleoptera excluding Archostemata include the absence of the mesothoracic discriminal line and katepisternal joint (and other transformations of the thoracic sclerites), internalized or absent metathoracic trochantin, and the presence of a bending zone in the hindwing.
Tarsal claw on pro-and metathoracic legs shorter than those of mesothoracic legs.
Ventral view: Round top of head with a prominent medial dorsoventral depression; labial palpus a small triangle posterior to labrum; labrum bilobed; pilifers not prominent; maxillary palpus absent; forefemur visible, prothoracic legs (foreleg) three-quarters length of forewing, mesothoracic leg (midleg) extends entire length of forewing and antenna extending about seven-eighths length of forewing; hind tarsus extends just beyond length of forewing; abdominal segments 5 and 6 with vestigial prolegs; abdominal segment 8-10 with genital orifice anteriorly, anus posteriorly with lateral conical depressions.