Pertaining to illumination between the photopic and scotopic ranges.
[meso- + G. opsis, vision]
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Ability to see at low levels of light (e.g., at twilight).
mesopic (mĕs-ŏp′ĭk), adjective
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o Large optic which may be better for young patients and large mesopic pupils: The EVO Visian ICL has an expanded optic diameter, which means it is better suited for patients with larger pupils.
To obtain accurate measurements, all the patients have been set under mesopic light conditions.
LogMAR visual acuity (VA) was assessed under monocular vision with best spectacle correction, in two different controlled lighting conditions: photopic (85cd/[m.sup.2]) and mesopic (3 cd/[m.sup.2]).
The evaluation room was maintained with background lighting conditions in the mesopic range, and stimuli ranged from 0.161 to 3.211 cd/[m.sup.2].
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During twilight, both our rods and cones operate (mesopic vision) and complement each other by providing a mix of fairly good resolution and faint-light sensitivity.
The potential benefits relate to mesopic vision--the transition in the human eye from cone sensitivity to rod sensitivity in lower light situations.
Tests such as the contrast sensitivity test were performed in highly mesopic illumination conditions (12 lux).
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