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In non-gangrenous patients, detorsion was used in 14 patients, sigmoid mesopexy was applied in two, sigmoid resection with primary anastomosis in two, and sigmoid resection with colostomy in one.
In addition, a volvulus preventing procedure, such as sigmoid mesopexy or mesoplasty, can be added with a mean rate of 1-8% for mortality and 10-20% for morbidity, whereas sigmoid resection with anastomosis may be performed with a mean rate of 1-10% for mortality and 15-25% for morbidity to prevent sigmoid volvulus recurrence in some selected cases with good conditions.1,2,6-16 Unfortunately, gangrenous bowel develops in approximately 73.5-90.9% of ISK cases.1,2,6-14
If the bowels are viable, resection with primary anastomosis is also used in selected patients, while detorsion alone, or with some recurrence preventing procedures such as mesopexy or mesoplasty, may be applied.1,3,5-8,10
Nondefinitive surgical procedures, including sigmoid detorsion or sigmoid mesopexy, were applied in 5 elderly patients with a viable bowel (15.6%).