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 [mez″o-nef´ros] (pl. mesoneph´roi) (Gr.)
the excretory organ of the embryo, arising caudad to the pronephros and using its duct. adj., adj mesoneph´ric.
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Plural of mesonephros.
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Plural of mesonephros.
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From anatomical observations (data not shown), the presumptive gonads (the genital ridges) locate at the medioventral part of the mesonephroi. Embryonic sex can be first distinguished by gonadal morphology on day 7 of incubation.
Genital ridges are transformed into the rod-shaped structures called "indifferent gonads or undifferentiated gonads." Both left and right indifferent gonads were situated at the medioventral part of the mesonephroi (Figure 3(a)).