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Relating to the mesogastrium.
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Relating to the mesogastrium.
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(mĕs″ō-găs′trē-ŭm) [″ + gaster, belly]
1. The umbilical region.
2. The part of the mesentery of the embryo attached to the primitive stomach.
mesogastric (-trĭk), adjective
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Ultrasonographic images of the abdominal nodules: (C) one located the right epigastric region and measuring 3.09cm in length, and (D) the other in the mesogastric region and measuring approximately 2.33cm in length.
The visceral fat was located in the hypogastric region around the internal organs, and the subcutaneous fat was located in the mesogastric region.
Much of the carapace surface is smooth, with scattered granules, but granules are concentrated locally on the mesobranchial, posterior slope of the cardiac, and on the anterior portion of mesogastric area.
Instead, Brandon was given fluids through a mesogastric tube.