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Relating to the mesocolon.
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Relating to the mesocolon.
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(mĕs″ō-kō′lŏn) [″ + kolon, colon]
Mesentery of the colon.
mesocolic (mĕs″ō-kŏl′ĭk), adjective
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(13,14) In contrast, in the rest of the colon, the surgeon usually creates a narrow mesocolic margin.
Fraction A contained the mesocolic or perirectal tissues around the tumor and 1 cm away in both oral and aboral directions.
Occasionally, in patients with unusually thick or fatty mesocolic tissue, limited surgical dissection of the mesocolic fat was required to identify the blue-stained lymph nodes.
Mesocolic lymph node histology is an important prognostic indicator for patients with carcinoma of the sigmoid colon: an immunomorphologic study.