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Obsolete term for hypnotize.
[see mesmerism]
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(mĕz′mə-rīz′, mĕs′-)
tr.v. mesmer·ized, mesmer·izing, mesmer·izes
1. To spellbind; enthrall: "The dance was subtle ... but at the same time it was sensual, and it mesmerized him" (Robert Rosenberg).
2. To hypnotize.

mes′mer·i·za′tion (-mər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
mes′mer·iz′er n.
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In such a way, the final scene mesmerizingly appears to encode a fable of a mind fixated yet dislocated, and occupying, still, an anachronistic interval where self-renewal and comprehension are postponed.
Schools generally fail to teach how exciting, how mesmerizingly beautiful [learning] can be.
The mellow, contemplative mood of the music fuses elements of jazz, techno, trance, and more into a mesmerizingly smooth listening experience.
As Maggie snorkelled off with her aquatic minders, my instructor and I dived deep, following a mesmerizingly colourful coral wall towards the sea bed, where we found shoals of trevally, goat fish and a handful of inquisitive white tipped reef sharks.
He was the haggard widower in Shining City, holding the audience rapt during what Zinoman clocked as a 36-minute monologue (mesmerizingly performed by Gero without leaving the sofa).
21 -- EsselWorld and Water Kingdom, two of India's largest and premier amusement parks are all set to make this Diwali mesmerizingly memorable like never before.
Best-selling author Meg Cabot mesmerizingly retells the myth of Persephone, Greek Goddess of the Underworld, with stunning prose and passion.
The rock-filled basin between the girls and the mountains is so startlingly, mesmerizingly weird, the rocks all so smoothly round, so close to the same size and color, like the bed of some long-departed sea.
Among the outward forms of Rifa'iyah-associated worship was the melodic invocation of the most beautiful names of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, and the other prophets, which were repeated mesmerizingly for hours on end, occasionally even for several days.
There I was, less than a year into my position as NRL News editor, talking to without question the single most mesmerizingly articulate individual I'd ever encountered.
In Egypt, some 50 km from the Rafah border with Gaza, as I ponder how Palestinians in Gaza spent their day, as the sun turns mesmerizingly pink-orange and nods its rapid goodnight, I know that Palestinians in Gaza met and lived their day as Palestinians in the West Bank do: with resilience, strength, love, humour, and the knowledge that while many injustices are the daily realities imposed on them, the injustices will end.