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Obsolete term for hypnotize.
[see mesmerism]
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(mĕz′mə-rīz′, mĕs′-)
tr.v. mesmer·ized, mesmer·izing, mesmer·izes
1. To spellbind; enthrall: "The dance was subtle ... but at the same time it was sensual, and it mesmerized him" (Robert Rosenberg).
2. To hypnotize.

mes′mer·i·za′tion (-mər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
mes′mer·iz′er n.
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In this connection, Braid disagreed with the popular idea that the capacity to induce hypnosis was linked with a "magical passage" of a flowing influence (Richet's "ectoplasm") from the mesmerizer to the patient.
To be sure, the attitude of the one who, "nothing doubting," whatever he or she attempts, they "are almost sure to accomplish," reminds us of Blavatsky's (1877i: 109) remarks quoted above on the difference between the mesmerizer and the medium: the first, in order to be successful, had to have an indomitable will--much like the Prometheus figure in Byron's poem Prometheus or in P.
This great diversity of venues also reflects the early cinema's ability to attract audiences from nearly all sectors of society Though a gentleman of the upper crust might not step through a tent flap at the county fair to watch (and perhaps wager on) The Pugilistic Bullfrogs or take in The Chinese Juggler and Mesmerizer at a vaudeville house, he might well attend a narrated travelogue composed of short films from China at the opera house or at his church.
Baron Charles Dupotet de Sennevoy brought mesmerism to London; making passes over the bodies of his subjects, who then mimicked the actions of the mesmerizer, and prescribing remedies.