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Obsolete term for hypnotize.
[see mesmerism]


(mĕz′mə-rīz′, mĕs′-)
tr.v. mesmer·ized, mesmer·izing, mesmer·izes
1. To spellbind; enthrall: "The dance was subtle ... but at the same time it was sensual, and it mesmerized him" (Robert Rosenberg).
2. To hypnotize.

mes′mer·i·za′tion (-mər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
mes′mer·iz′er n.
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If matching that level of live show mesmerization on wax was ever a consideration, then After Robots stands up pretty well.
Their perfectly tuned harmonies filled the air with melodic richness and warmth, and the carefully crafted compositions lulled the hungry crowd into a state of mesmerization, sensing they were in the midst of what was a resoundingly personal concert, emotionally raw and unapologetically political.
Therein lies the mesmerization - for the interaction between the singer and the listener is threaded by the jassis' stress on words and emphasis on pitch.