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the study of or the method or practice of inducing hypnosis.
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A system of therapeutics from which were developed hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion.
[F.A. Mesmer, Austrio-Hungarian physician, 1734-1815]
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(mĕz′mə-rĭz′əm, mĕs′-)
1. A strong or spellbinding appeal; fascination.
2. Hypnotic induction believed to involve animal magnetism.
3. Hypnotism.

mes·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
mes·mer′i·cal·ly adv.
mes′mer·ist n.
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A method of hypnosis that allegedly placed patients in a trance-like state deep enough to allow major surgery without pain, or awareness of the operation, named for Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who developed it
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A system of therapeutics from which were developed hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion.
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Franz Anton, Austrian physician, 1733-1815.
mesmeric crisis - reaction technique. Synonym(s): grand crisis; magnetic crisis
mesmerism - the use of hypnotism as practiced by Mesmer.
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A system of therapeutics from which hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion developed.
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Patient discussion about mesmerism

Q. HYPNOSIS can hypnosis be used in bi-polar disorder?

A. there is no reason why not. people with bipolar disorder can be susceptible to hypnosis like any others. but like all population the ability to be hypnotized is variable. some are very suggestible and some are not. doesn't say anything on the person- very smart and intelligent people can be hypnotized.

Q. How effective is hypnosis in treating alcoholism? And how expensive is it? I've already tried hypnotherapy for social anxiety problems but the guy was a useless quack and I didn't even go under properly.

A. Hypnosis is a very effective treatment for addictions, it was used back in the 19th century as one but the use of hypnosis today is smaller then before. Here is a web page with some info about it:

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Aurora then takes on the role not of the mesmerized but of the mesmerist, as she herself controls and distorts the utterances of Marian Erie, an impoverished seamstress whose story, Aurora thinks, must be told "in fuller utterance" (3.828).
In this sense, the French Revolution, with its "revolutionary madness," is presented by the spirit rapper as a mesmeric world-reform, in which vast invisible spirit forces and powerful mesmerists had been at work--it was Satan who seemed to have been unbound then, and not Prometheus, since all hell indeed broke loose:
Tatar, Winter, and Pick all argue for a static method of reading mesmerism within Trilby, in which the wicked mesmerist Svengali controls absolutely the passive Trilby.
While the notion of universal fluid common to pantheism and mesmerism supported a belief in characteristics available to both men and women, the roles of the mesmerist and somnambulist had certain gender associations in the nineteenth century.
(31) George du Maurier's Trilby with its sinister figure of the mesmerist, Svengali, was published in 1894.
Not only that: the Indians had evolved practices like hypnotism and mesmerism through which they could induce individuals to do whatever the hypnotist or mesmerist said!
Although she was not in the audience for this "experiment" hosted by the Clarkes, she reports to Emerson that the "Buchanans" were there, undoubtedly Joseph Rodes Buchanan, a popular speaker on phrenology, animal magnetism, and "neurology," who had spoken at Amory Hall in early 1844 on "The Pursuit of Truth." (11) In the usual ritual of a mesmeric demonstration involving a male mesmerist and a female subject, Buchanan probably served as the mesmerist to Anna Quincy Thaxter Parsons, an active member of religious and reform groups in Boston, who, after being put under "Mesmeric influence," examined a series of letters written by famous people and interpreted them.
The relationship of the mesmerist to the mesmeric subject raised issues of power and control between individuals, classes, and (since most mesmerists were men and most subjects women) the sexes.
Because little noises keep him awake at night he builds a soundproof cellar and hires a mesmerist to put him to sleep.
Some weeks ago, for example, I was allowed to view the displays of a mesmerist at the Cadiz Court House.
He also registers that in the course of two days he has been demoted "from therapist to hypnotist to mesmerist; tomorrow he'd be reading palms."
As abolitionists denounced the slaveholder's tyrannical power, another group of reformers denounced the mesmerist's magnetic control over his somnambulic subject as a type of psychological slavery.