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Obsolete term for hypnotize.
[see mesmerism]
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(mĕz′mə-rīz′, mĕs′-)
tr.v. mesmer·ized, mesmer·izing, mesmer·izes
1. To spellbind; enthrall: "The dance was subtle ... but at the same time it was sensual, and it mesmerized him" (Robert Rosenberg).
2. To hypnotize.

mes′mer·i·za′tion (-mər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
mes′mer·iz′er n.
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First aiders, mesmerised by the possible promotion game, failed to respond until George Edwards, who was on that wing yelled at them.
Garry is totally mesmerised by the blonde newcomer to Albert Square; Charlotte's a huge EastEnders fan and can't believe she's in the cast; He can't take his eyes off her..
Dixon, though, was made to pay for his initial moment of Knavesmire glory, being forced to go to 13,000gns to retain Mesmerised at the subsequent auction.
JOYOUS It's a welcome change from endless virtual warfare STUNNING The Raymans Origins visuals will leave you mesmerised
HAVING seen every game at Ninian Park since demob in 1947, I was mesmerised by the almost total Welsh City team.
A SCHOOLBOY "mesmerised" by a story about a hanged boy died minutes later after experimenting with a noose.
CURVY Jennifer Lopez 'mesmerised' Will & Grace star Megan Mullally with her world-famous bottom when she filmed guest scenes for the hit comedy series.
Summary: Hundreds of people have been mesmerised by a unidentified object in the sky in Rio de Janeiro.
Mesmerised was sent off 5-2 favourite and justified her market position in authoritative fashion, scoring by two and a half lengths under Franny Norton from Summer Special (5-1) with Yarrita (5-1) a further length back in third.