mesenteric lymph nodes

mes·en·ter·ic lymph nodes

nodes located in the mesentery; they are of three classes: ileocolic lymph nodes, juxtaintestinal mesenteric lymph nodes, and the central superior group of mesenteric lymph nodes.
Synonym(s): nodi lymphoidei mesenterici [TA]
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Impaired barrier functions of the intestines decrease the opsonization activity of the humoral immunity and bacteriostatic capacity Therefore, microorganisms in the intestines pass the mucosal barrier and reach the liver spleen, and mesenteric lymph nodes in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby disrupting the functions of the immune and reticuloendothelial systems [3-6].
Two mesenteric lymph nodes were enlarged with the suspicion of carcinoma.
In addition, there were scattered moderate-sized mesenteric lymph nodes.
2), appendix was not inflamed, and few mesenteric lymph nodes were enlarged.
We found no TB-like visible lesions; pooled tissue samples (retropharyngeal, tracheobronchial, mediastinal, and mesenteric lymph nodes) were submitted for bacterial culture and molecular diagnosis (6); urine, feces, and oropharyngeal swabs were taken, and DNA was extracted as previously described (7).
Mesenteric lymph nodes that are smaller than 4.6 mm in short axis and are accepted as within normal limits of dimensions can be clearly identified on CT.
Flow cytometry was performed on the spleen, mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN), ileum, and colon to further characterize the immune cell subsets that could be of importance in the development of sepsis-induced ileus.
In September 2014, abdominal CT showed multiple mesenteric lymph nodes, left upper abdominal mesenteric whirlpool sign, and colon dilatation [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.
(71) reported that platelets migrate across HEVs together with lymphocytes in mesenteric lymph nodes and are activated by specific interactions between the platelet cell surface lectin CLEC-2 and podoplanin, expressed on the surrounding FRCs.
Their thymuses, spleens, and mesenteric lymph nodes were collected, weighed, and cooled to 4[degrees]C in PBS and further processed according to Suszko and Obminska-Mrukowicz [14].
The larval stages of the parasite develop in mesenteric lymph nodes (MLNs), liver or lungs.