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Relating to the mesencephalon.
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Relating to the mesencephalon.
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(mĕs-ĕn-sĕf′ă-lŏn) [″ + enkephalos, brain]
The midbrain; one of three primitive cerebral vesicles from which develop the corpora quadrigemina, the crura cerebri, and the aqueduct of Sylvius.
mesencephalic, adjective
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Progressive degeneration of human mesencephalic neuron-derived cells triggered by dopamine-dependent oxidative stress is dependent on the mixed-lineage kinase pathway.
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Both ropinirole and pramipexole increased dendritic arborization and soma size in human DA neurons via BDNF and mTOR signaling, underpinning observations in mouse mesencephalic DA neurons.
Several months before the patient had had an ischemic stroke in the posterior cerebral circulation, as proved by brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that showed mesencephalic infarction (Figure 1).
The cuneiform nucleus (CnF) is a sympathoexcitatory nucleus located in the mesencephalic area and involved in cardiovascular regulation.
W1-W3, white matter scoring regions: W1, cerebellar white matter; W2, mesencephalic tegmentum; W3, pyramidal tract.
In the goldfish visual system, the optic tectum has a topographical map, (36) and the midbrain (mesencephalic reticular) and the optic tectum have reciprocal circuits that regulate eye movements.
The MR image showed mesencephalic lesion with oedemaas a hyperintense area.
The analgesic effect of diathermy is explained by thermal conditioning of mesencephalic blockage and in humoral way--via thermal/stress reaction and excretion of cortisol [9, 10].
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