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mésalliance, misalliance

[Fr.] see mismating.
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The 'eel-woman' named 'petite anguille' and perhaps seen as not fully human or inferior in lineage (a mesalliance from the Cemuhi speaking area, suggests Bensa in his version, Grand Waka (13)), assures her husband's succession by bringing a male child into the world.
The disparity between their feelings and their situation illustrates the kind of mesalliance Freud regards as a symbolic site of unconscious meanings.
The interaction of Catherine and Alaric is itself something of a mesalliance and comes about largely by Catherine's "bold step" of inviting Alaric to supper, a slight violation of the "tribal" code of the time (223).
This technique of playfully subverting mimesis is underscored by the ironic mesalliance of historical and fictional phenomena that occurs throughout the text.
Edward kept his horrendous mesalliance secret for five months, allowing the Earl of Warwick to continue discussions about a possible royal bride from France.
In Herzensfreud-Herzensleid (Hubert Marischka, 1940), for example, wealthy parents fear a mesalliance, but are finally brought around by the lovable Viennese "girl of the people" (Madga Schneider) their son has married, as by the appearance of a grandson.
When the newlyweds traveled to Harvard, Acevedo's predictions of a mesalliance immediately proved true.
Jane Austen's momentary bracketing of Fanny and Macartney lights up a congruence between personal mesalliance and cross-cultural impasse that grows more stark as the novel develops.
And since there were numerous cases of whites marrying women of color (about 300 white planters had married women of color by 1763),(27) those whites guilty of mesalliance had to suffer the curse of color and descend into the purgatory assigned to affranchis.
La decision risque de couter la vie au "fils" aime, elle contredit l'enseignement biblique et elle prohibe une conclusion 'sandienne' ou l'amour, la mesalliance et la reconnaissance de la bru par sa belle-mere favoriseraient l'eclosion d'une nouvelle societe.
A middle-class person who had himself tattooed was thereby at once declasse: a slide down the social scale more precipitous and serious than that brought about by a mesalliance, insofar as tattoos last longer, and are more difficult to obliterate, than marriages contracted in haste.
En bref, les rhetoriques (r) nationales >> du merite n'etaient pas explicitement reliees a une elite particuliere mais plutot a un besoin d'un champ neutre ou certaines contradictions politico-ideologiques peuvent etre resolues: la droite fasciste contre la gauche anti-fasciste; la competitivite industrielle contre la tradition agraire; les proprietaires aristocrates contre les paysans; les proprietaires terriens contre les (r) sans terre >> (cette categorie inclut beaucoup de paysans); l'Eglise contre la modernite (menant une etrange mesalliance avec les fascistes alors qu'ils invoquaient un retour rhetorique aux traditions imperiales); les ouvriers contre la bourgeoisie; le Nord contre le Sud; et ainsi de suite.