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(mē'zad, mē'sad),
Passing or extending toward the median plane of the body or of a part.
Synonym(s): mesiad
[G. mesos, middle, + L. ad, to]


Passing or extending toward the median plane of the body or of a part.
Synonym(s): mesiad.
[G. mesos, middle, + L. ad, to]


, mesad (mē′zē-ăd) (mē′săd) [Gr. mesos, middle, + L. ad, toward]
Toward the median plane of a body or part.
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19); 2 pairs of trichobothria on abdominal segments 3-7, one aligned to the spiracle and other mesad of spiracular line (Fig.
Dorsal part of gonostylus with protruding apical process somewhat bent mesad and a sub-basal short internal hump-like lobe bearing apical setae.
For example, in the lengthy Hebrew inscription from Mesad Hashavyahu (J.
Parameres short, rather flattened and truncate at apex, distal half subparallel with the inner apical angle directed mesad.
It is often used for persuasion, as: "My brothers will answer for me, those harvesting with me in the heat (of the day); my brothers will answer for me" - in the attempt by the author of the Mesad Hasavyahu plea to make his case (KAI #200, 10-11).
Genital styles short, in ventral view fused at base with a rounded median process, afterwards the styles widely divergent and then strongly turned mesad in apical third, in lateral view the styles have a finger-like process arising from their dorsal margin in basal third (Figs.
12) is closer to the coast than shown; Mesad Hashavyahu (no.
Labrum indistinct from clypeus or head capsule, 60 [micro]m wide and 28 [micro]m long, slightly depressed mesad, with a row of 6 hairs at mid-height and 1 basiconic sensillum on each anterior half.
Multilocular disc-pores: those in segment VII with mainly 6 or 7 loculi; those more anteriorly almost always with 5 loculi; each about 7-8 [micro]m wide; with 22-75 on either side of anterior end of anal cleft, and then as follows (on each side): abdominal segment VI 3-11, V 2-16, IV 5-17, III 7-27, II 1-6 mesad to each coxa + 4-15 more laterally; medially with 0-7 on metathorax, 0-8 posterior to each mesocoxa, 0-4 near each procoxa and 0-2 on each side of clypeolabral shield.
10 times as wide as long; notauli absent, represented by a row of 6-7 short setae on each side, each row converging anteriorly with lateral row of 8-9 short setae; parascutal impression weak, largely confined to area mesad tegula; mesonotal keel absent or barely visible as a weak median elevation anteriorly, replaced by weak median depression on posterior 0.