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Development of meristic characters Most of the meristic features of larvae of A.
Analyses of meristic variables (Table 1) were performed using JMP software (Version 10; SAS Institute, Inc., Cary, North Carolina, 2012) to generate a mean [+ or -] 1 SE and the range of variation for each character examined in A.
(2012), who conducted a study on the variation in phenotype based on morphometric character indices and meristic counts among different wild and cultured Nile tilapia (O.
The magnitude of differences, however, is relatively small among mean values of meristic characters of other populations, and modal counts are similar for all populations, except for higher modal counts of lateral line scales of the Ohio River sample.
Meristic counts included: trunk rings, tail rings, dorsal fin rays, dorsal fin rings (subdorsal rings) over the trunk, subdorsal rings over the tail, and total dorsal fin rings.
Nevertheless, a comprehensive summary of variation in meristic and mensural characters, as well as color pattern, has yet to appear in print.
The fish was identified as a coho salmon on the basis of breeding colouration and meristic criteria described by Scott and Crossman (1973) (Table 1).
Meristic characters, in the form of vertebral number, have been used to provide insights into stock structure of haddock (Clark and Vladykov, 1960; Tremblay et al., 1984; Vladykov(7)).
We took counts for 5 meristic characters following the guidelines set by Robins and Miller (1957): 1st dorsal fin rays (1DR), 2nd dorsal fin rays (2DR), pectoral fin rays (PCR), pelvic fin rays (PVR), and anal fin rays (ANR).
All measurements and meristic data obtained from specimens were summarized in table 2 and compared with those compiled by Sulak (1977).
As a first objective, we analyzed meristic, morphometric and growth data of whitemouth croakers obtained in a research survey along southern and southeastern Brazil, integrating them to previous results about stock identification and structure in the region.