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Pertaining (in fungi) to an area (meristem) of the hyphae or of other specialized structures from which new growth occurs.
[G. merizein, to divide]
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Since only one meristematic dome was cultured into each universal bottle, the total number of experimental units was 243.
2013) and under those conditions, infected cells in the vascular region and vacuolated, more differentiated cells of the apical dome are eliminated by the ultralow temperature due to ice crystallisation, leaving only highly cytoplasmic cells in the meristematic region (WANG and VALKONEN, 2008b).
Doryopteris triphylla follows a pattern of development that is easily ascribed to the Adiantum type (Nayar & Kaur 1969), in which a more or less obconical meristematic cell is established in early stages of development, the evolution of which lead to the acquisition of an apical multicellular meristem.
For instance, meristematic cells give rise to secondary metabolites as part of the plant's survival strategy under stress conditions imposed by living microorganisms (biotic stress) or the physical environment (abiotic stress).
Ontogenetically, the monocot cambium originates from the primary thickening meristem (PTM), which is a region of actively dividing meristematic cells, located around the apical meristem and extending down the periphery of the stem, where this continuation of PTM is referred to as STM.
Variation in the root zone temperature was reported to influence plant growth and development by modifying some major physiological responses such as hormonal balance, shoot meristematic activity (McMaster et al.
Essential micronutrients like zinc, iron, manganese, copper, boron and magnesium are required for plant activities such as chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis, meristematic development, oil and protein synthesis, gossypol, tannin and phenolic compounds development.
And very recently, the clastogenic and genotoxic potentials of an organochlorine, dichlorophen and an organophosphate, and dichlorvos have been studied using root meristematic cells of Allium cepa [27].