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Pertaining (in fungi) to an area (meristem) of the hyphae or of other specialized structures from which new growth occurs.
[G. merizein, to divide]
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Later, an obconical meristematic cell is differentiated by two oblique divisions on one of the marginal cells at the anterior end of the prothallial plate.
Table 2 summarizes the results in the initiation of meristematic callus.
The increased expression of these variants is observed mainly in tissues containing meristematic cells (van den Heuvel et al.
Genes controlling leaf complexity and leaf shape are relatively well known in flowering plants and most of them are factors involved in the meristematic maintenance of the shoot apex, that have been recruited in the regulation of leaf meristematic activity (reviewed in Champagne & Sinha, 2004; Efroni et al.
The plastids in these cells rarely contain starches, which is the typical feature of the meristematic cells.
Also reducing in meristematic cells [11] and inhibition of some enzyme activity [16,11] could be the inducements for decreasing of seedling growth under metal stress.
Rudall is doubtful that the monocot cambium is equivalent to secondary thickening meristematic activity in non-monocot angiosperms and Gnetales, and indeed, it is not.
A meristematic cell was differentiated in one of the marginal cells formed from the active smaller cell.
Plant meristematic cells are master cells that give rise to other cells resulting in the formation of above-ground organs such as leaves, flowers, branches and stems.
Both species ate tall, massive palms with stems up to 50 cm or more in diameter, and both of them are cut down to obtain sap, which flows through the meristem, after removing the leaves and cutting out a cavity on the meristematic area.