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Soterio, Pedrollo e Andriotti (2005) enfatizam a ocorrencia dos maiores niveis pluviometricos nas regioes do Planalto Meridional e do Alto Vale do Uruguai com indices de 2.130 e 1.900 mm medios anuais, respectivamente, seguido das regioes mais altas do Escudo Rio-grandense com indices superiores a 1.600 mm.
Desde Meridional hemos intentado acoger diversas aproximaciones escriturales para las colaboraciones que publicamos.
(2014) Characterization of properties and main processes related to the Genesis and evolution of tropical mountain mires from Serra do Espinhaco Meridional, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Figure 7C and D showed ID WAXS profiles along the meridional direction and the equatorial direction at different strains.
The ERA standard deviations for meridional ([+ or -]1.13D) and torsional ([+ or -]D) powers should be compared to the approximate [+ or -] 0.60 D values for normal eyes [29].
Confluencia de ideas meridionales y nordicas" y con el nos adentramos en el ultimo gran apartado de La brujula hacia el Sur.
The monthly geopotential height (GH),sea-level pressure (SLP), 850 hPa meridional wind, and specific humidity datasets were derived from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCEP/NCAR).
Las lineas de Tordesillas que aparecen en el Mapa, las dos cortan America Meridional con direccion norte-sur antes de la desembocadura del rio Amazonas, sus puntos norte se encuentran en la Hoja 4 y los mas al sur, en la Hoja 6 del mapa.
In terms of the meridional channel design approach, Casey [10] used the Bezier curves to design the hub and shroud contours of the pump, but it is hard to guarantee the good flow characteristics on the cross sections due to the nonsynchronicity design of the hub and shroud contours.
Altimetry profiles of ascending and descending arcs can be determined by the geoid gradient or the single difference of DOV along thetrack, and then the prime vertical and meridional components of DOV can be solved by combining thetrack gradients.
The patients were classified into different types of amblyopia like anisometropic, strabismic, sensory deprivation and meridional amblyopia.
Esta semana, Pekin rechazo la jurisdiccion del Tribunal Arbitral para el Mar Meridional de China, encargado de analizar esta disputa territorial, al decir que su fallo careceria de validez, ya que no se basa exclusivamente en el derecho internacional.