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Channels or conduits through which Qi travels in the body.
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meridians, See channels.
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When we speak of organ meridians in Thothetic Acupuncture, we refer to the physical organs as well as all the systems of which they are in charge.
Specific points can be stimulated to bring the energy meridians back to balance, helping us to re-align our emotional and physical energies.
When looking to standardize their ERP solution across all of their operations, Meridian sought a proven partner that could provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution for their diverse multi-site operations.
MAPICS has the best manufacturing solution that delivers real results, as well as helps us to meet the demands of our customers," said Bruce Knoll, IT Director for Meridian.
GB Market Services program for Meridian will include institutional campaigns, awareness programs and exploring additional listings, all designed to increase the companies exposure in the European investment community," stated Robert Kubbernus, Managing Director of GB Market Services.
Meridian was incorporated in 1994 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing medical devices, particularly in the oriental and Natural/Alternative Medicinal Fields.
Meridian was founded in 1996 to create world-class firewall and network address translation (NAT) products that deliver maximum security.