Plural of meridianus.
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Just recently Roth joined William Faulkner, Henry James and Jack London as one of very few Americans to be included in the French Pleiades editions (the model for our own Library of America), and the Italian publisher Mondadori is also bringing out his work in its Meridiani series of classic authors.
Newcomers to the exhibitor line-up include iconic furniture, textile and lighting brands including B&B Italia, Designer's Guild, MDF Italia, Meridiani, Marset, Sans Souci, Santa Cole and Vondom.
The mission has begun its 150th month since the early 2004 landing of Opportunity in the Meridiani Planum region of Mars.
The lander slammed into Meridiani Planum at an estimated 300 km per hour (186 mph) and most likely exploded on impact.
L'edizione di riferimento e quella dei Meridiani Mondadori (2003) a cura di Rolando Damiani.
For the purpose of this study, the researchers used data gathered by the Opportunity rover, which has been trundling around the surface of Mars since 2004, and analyzed data gathered by it from meteorites in the Meridiani Planum region - a plain in the southern hemisphere located close to the Martian equator.
The craft will enter the planet's atmosphere at 21,000 km per hour and touch down on an area known as the Meridiani Planum.
4m) wide disc-shaped craft will aim for Meridiani Planum, near the equator.
The Opportunity rover discovered jarosite at the Meridiani Planum landing site, and jarosite has been found at several other locations on Mars, indicating that it is a common mineral on the Red Planet.
Chloride salts have been found on the Meridiani and Gusev locations and in extensive deposits in the southern Martian hemisphere.
Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, examined an 18-square-mile chloride salt deposit in the planet's Meridiani region near the Mars Opportunity rover's landing site, Science Daily reported.
My friend the Opportunity rover, strolling the other side of the planet, has found similar evidence that water once flowed at her landing site in Meridiani Planum.