meridian channels

meridian channels, in acupuncture, the lines of energy that connect acupoints and are conduits for qi. See also acupoints, acupuncture, and qi.
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Based on an ancient Asian practise, this therapy is designed to open-up the meridian channels, releasing and facilitating the free flow of energy that relax and unwind those tensed muscles.
The people talked among themselves and heard about various therapies and remedies: how massage therapy manipulates soft tissues of the body, relieving aches and pains; how herbal medicines are useful for supporting many body functions by stimulating the immune system; how chiropractic and osteopathy focus on balance by mind-body alignment; how acupuncture relies on "needling" points along energy meridian channels to achieve balance.
Laserpuncture is based on traditional Chinese Medicine theories that believe that a life-force energy permeates all liveing things through meridian channels.