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meric (merˑ·ik),

n chiropractic approach that emphasizes the HVLA, or thrust-oriented treatment of the third thoracic vertebra because it is believed to be the main center of subluxation.
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The hard-left Parti de Gauche warned of "the fascist horror which has killed right at the heart of Paris", while friends of Meric called his death "a political murder".
Meric, however, admitted workers are not given enough "empowerment".
A Gainesway-consigned son of Giant's Causeway, scratched from the Keeneland September Ye a rl i ng Sa le , toppe d t he first-day session when bought by de Meric for $200,000 for Klaravich Stables.
8220;We at Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce are excited to have Ruth Meric join our team,” said Lynn Lasher, president of Somebody's Mother's.
According to Meric, back in 2008, when consumers' buying power was already under pressure, the company redirected its R&D efforts to provide the general market and select partners with smart ingredients that do more for less.
The outlook indicators range from 5 to 1 based on the A, B, C, D, F grade categories established by MERIC.
After Visiter, we had a lot of options for which direction to go, but I knew we wanted to make a rock record," says Meric, who brings the outfit to Birmingham's Glee Club on Tuesday.
Having overcome technical difficulties caused by one particularly troublesome acoustic guitar, Meric Long brought his psychedelic-tinged folk songs to life with a passionate delivery.
OGrady and his wife Meric of Orlando, Florida, three daughters; Erin M.
I hdn't won in Europe for two yers, lthough I won twice in meric lst yer, but it's gret to come bck nd win," he sid.
Sara Meric in honor of Rabbi David and Rachel Isaac
The result, for this analysis, is that the MERIC COLI value for states with a significant percentage of population in rural areas may be larger than it should be, and hence, the buying power of the adjusted salary figure is probably understated.