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v to produce a single sequence of items, ordered according to some rule, from two or more sequences previously ordered according to the same rule. Merging does not change the items in size, structure, or total number.
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Merging the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, and the Public Authority for Craft Industry under a new Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.
From the figures it can be seen that, as the jets proceeds from the top/bottom merging point the velocity gradually increases and attains a maximum value and then decreases to the equilibrium value at the complete merging point.
In the next section, we present an overview of the main ideas behind this new O(n) time and O(1) space merging technique, with simplifying assumptions made on the input to facilitate discussion.
Altova DiffDog(TM) 2005 is an easy-to-use synchronization tool that facilitates the comparison and merging of files, folders, and directories for application developers and power users.
India would have benefited from merging with Pakistan and Sri Lanka but not with Bangladesh, which is significantly poorer than India.
1 of the Code, by way of transferring all assets of the Merging Companies to Netia without increasing Netia's share capital, without any conversion of shares and without amending Netia's Statute.
Guiffy is the leading cross-platform utility for comparing and merging source files of any type, with built-in support for UNICODE, MBCS, and over 150 file encoding formats.
2 allows ATMs to be connected through multiple transaction switches to facilitate the merging of ATM networks.
The end of UCSF Stanford Health Care speaks to the financial, structural, operational and cultural difficulties of merging two complex academic medical centers, as well as to the financial challenges faced by all academic medical centers across the nation," said Eugene Bauer, M.