mercury vapor lamp

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mer·cu·ry va·por lamp

a lamp in which the electric arc is in an ionized mercury vapor atmosphere; it produces ultraviolet light that can be used therapeutically or in diagnostic photometry.
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But Central Maine Power (CMP) wanted to modernize the town's lighting from incandescent, platter-type fixtures to unshielded mercury-vapor lamps.
After the energy shocks of the 1970s, high-pressure sodium lights gradually took over the night, Following the economic imperative to use the most cost-effective lighting--high-pressure sodium lights consume half as much energy as mercury-vapor lamps and can last up to 16,000 hours longer--transportation departments and cities embraced sodium light.
Incidentally, light pollution itself is becoming more broadband, as white metal-halide lamps add to the mix of older sodium-and mercury-vapor lamps.